Take Action

Thank you for stepping up to improve our city's parks and playgrounds.

The best things you can do is Sign the Plea and Tell your friends.

Here it is, laid out - Will you:

  1. Sign the Plea for NYC Parks, which calls upon all candidates for public office to commit themselves to our parks and playgrounds?
  2. Tell your friends about the Parks 1 campaign and invite them to take that first step towards a greener New York?
  3. Volunteer to help Parks1 spread the word at fun events like outdoor movies, street fairs and concerts?
  4. Become an advocate by writing to your elected officials or local newspapers about the issues facing our parks and playgrounds, or learning more about the issues yourself?
  5. Stay up-to-date by signing onto our Parks Advocate list, reading the Parks Blog or attending a campaign update night?

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You will make the Parks1 campaign successful. Candidates listen when voters tell them what's important. By collecting thousands of signatures, we are sending the message that they NEED to do better for our parks and playgrounds.

Parks1 is also educating the candidates about the issues... but it's critical we show them that New Yorkers care. When you sign on, you become part of this momentum. We regularly speak to the campaigns, telling them how many New Yorkers have signed onto the Parks1 Plea. And we tell them what neighborhoods the supporters are from, so they see that this is a true citywide effort.

Never underestimate the power of your support -- or the importance of getting just 5 of your friends to sign on. This is how our movement will grow, our message will spread and how we will get greater funding and more staff members for our Parks system.

Sign the Plea