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TOUR: Better Parks for The Bronx

Submitted by Justin Krebs on August 23, 2005 - 9:57am.

The Parks1 Parkstorming Tour has reached the Bronx! It is the borough with the most acres of parkland... but try telling that to the residents of Mott Haven.

Design Project

"There isn't one place where you can legally stand and look at the water," said one local resident about waterfront access in her neighborhood.

That's why the design program of New Yorkers for Parks -- the parent organization of -- is attempting to transform a dilapidated parcel into a new waterfront park with a curving path, wetland cove and kayak launch.

As Newsday reports, the vision is strong, and so is the community support. So what could delay this project? What else -- funding.

In a City where the Parks Department doesn't have enough resouces to properly maintain all the plots in its inventory, it sometimes balks at new projects. If you doubt the Parks1 claim that our parks need more public support, just speak to the residents of Mott Haven next time they stand among the warehouses and barbed wire of their neighborhood, dreaming of a park that could be.

Design Project
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