Bronx Park vs. Yankees

Submitted by Fred on November 17, 2005 - 4:55pm.
Yankee Stadium v. Park

Parks1 would like to welcome another park website to the blogosphere. Save Our Parks placed a comment on our site. They are a group of local residents who are opposed to the taking of Macombs Dam and Mullaly parks by George Steinbrenner for a new Yankee Stadium.

"We are also against the construction of an additional 4,500 parking spaces which will attract that many or more cars to an area which is already known as "Asthma Alley". There are better alternatives: save and renovate the present stadium, build on the present stadium's site, or build on what are now parking garages south of the present site. But keep your hands off our parks!

These concerned citizens would have loved to voice thier grievances about the alienation of their local neighborhood park but unfortunately thier park was given away without consulting the community. Read more of their story at The story is far from over and developing rapidly.

Development has been happening without proper public hearings all over New York. This article points towards other development issues on the horizon for these concerned citizens of the Bronx:

"Besides the new Yankee Stadium, there is other commercial development stabilizing the Bronx. BTM Development, a unit of the Related Companies, has plans for a 1-million-square-foot shopping mall called Gateway Center to go up at the former Bronx Terminal Market near Yankee Stadium."

Norwood News writes about the history of development in The Bronx:

Since the 1870s the Bronx has been the "annex" of New York City, the place to put the things for which there was no room in the rest of the city, particularly Manhattan.

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Parks Election Coverage Frenzy

Submitted by Fred on November 3, 2005 - 2:20pm.
Failing Grades
The Candidates running for Mayor took note of New Yorkers for Parks' "Report Card on Parks" - the latest of our well-respected research documents which also serve as an important tool for communities and activists to gauge how their park performs against other parks throughout the city.

Here is a sample of some of the published reports on the story of how parks became so political:

Times on the Parks
For the second day in a row, Fernando Ferrer's attempts to dramatize the difference between the two New Yorks - one manicured and gleaming, the other filthy and dilapidated - were stymied by a cleanup crew.

Mr. Ferrer...held a news conference outside the ... Harlem River Drive Park to show reporters how poor, minority children living in the "other New York" were forced to play amid rubble while places like Central Park and Bryant Park were continually buffed to a high gloss.

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Daffodil Project Spreads 100,000 Bulbs

The weekend of October 8 was the Fourth Anniversary of New Yorkers for Parks' 9/11 memorial, the Daffodil Project.

Over the past four years, more than 2 ½ million bulbs have been planted citywide as a symbol of remembrance and renewal.

This year rain was no deterrent for thousands of volunteers, businesses & civic leaders and city officials, including the Commissioner of Parks.

These parks lovers braved the cold to brighten their communities by voluntarily planting daffodil bulbs in city parks and public spaces.

“This is really about owning your community, letting everybody know that you care about your community and you're willing to beautify it,” said Christian DiPalermo of New Yorkers for Parks.

The Daffodil Project would not be possible without the help of North Fork Bank, ConEdison, Ernst & Young, Union Square Hospitality Group & Zipcar.

The daffodil bulbs are a generous gift of Amsterdam's Hans van Waardenburg who continues to honor the resilience of New Yorkers and the memory of September 11, 2001 by making this project possible.

Just under 110,000 bulbs will be planted this fall because of the Daffodil Project - - all New Yorkers will see the results come spring.

Click here to watch the report on NY1.

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Winter Wi-Fi in Parks

Submitted by Fred on October 15, 2005 - 11:42pm.
Wireless Internet in Park

The City unveiled free Wi-Fi hotspots in Parks just in time for winter.

This is a great move that has been a long time coming. The New York City Parks and Recreation Dept. and the Wi-Fi Salon are bringing free wi-fi to parks a few parks.

The first free wi-fi hotspot went live in Battery Park on the southern tip of Manhattan this past June. Starting from mid-October through Winter, the city will be unveiling 18 new hotspots around NYC.

Liz Rhoades, Managing Editor of The Queens Chronicle wonders why "Central Park in Manhattan will be getting eight hot spots for the Wi-Fi system [while] Flushing Meadows will only be getting one, even though it is one of the city’s largest parks."

A spokesperson at the Parks Department said that the Tennis Center was the best place to erect the antenna.

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Campaign Ads for Parks [UPDATE]

Submitted by Fred on October 15, 2005 - 1:42pm.

The Parks1 Campaign launched ads calling on New Yorkers to use their voices on election day to make all Parks great.

Make our Parks #1

On popular websites, in the pages of daily newspapers, and in storefront windows, New Yorkers are finding our ads.

As winter sneaks in, our city parks will be filled these next few weekends with families taking advantage of the parks before it's too cold.

New Yorkers are noticing our ads - New Yorkers are also pausing to appreciate the importance of our Parks & Open Spaces.

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Carroll Park Rat Infestation

Rat Festival

During It's My Park Day, thousands of volunteers across the city cleaned up their neighborhood parks.

NY4P gave out thousands of daffodil bulbs to individuals and groups around the city. Others discarded broken beer bottles and raked out foul dog runs, but it was a different story at Carroll Park in Brooklyn.

Carroll park is infested with large, vigorous, fearless rats.

Daffodil bulbs would have been eaten, any picnic food would have been attacked. So the Comittee to Improve Carroll Park held the first (and hopefully last) Rat Festival.

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Mayor Helps Break Ground On Multi-Million Dollar Upgrade To Flushing Meadow Park

Submitted by Fred on September 27, 2005 - 11:41pm.
Save our Parks
Click for NY1 Video

NY1 reported a Queens groundbreaking with Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe, Queens Borough President Helen Marshall and Mayor Mike for a new $55 million ice rink and swimming pool in Flushing Meadow Park.

NY1 reports that "the mayor says it's all part of a larger plan not only for the park, but the borough of Queens."

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Mike & Freddy: Time to Talk Parks

Submitted by Justin Krebs on September 15, 2005 - 11:23am.
Daily News Reports...

New Yorkers agree: with the Primary over, it's time to talk Parks.

The day after the Primary, The Daily News criticized all the Dem candidates for what they hadn't talked about: “Public safety, clean streets, smooth roads, high-quality parks and hospitals made, at best, cameo appearances in the campaign.”

The Republican Mayor, though, has also been quiet on this vital city issue. In the Mayor’s Management Report (MMR) released on Monday, the Mayor congratulated himself on a host of subjects...but was silent on our city's parks and playgrounds?

Why? Because there was not much good to praise. According to the Mayor’s own surveys, only 88% of the city parks received overall acceptable scores. In a city of 1,700 parks properties, that means over 200 parks and playgrounds are failing…and failing to serve 1,000,000 New Yorkers.

Articles from The New York Times and Newsday, as well as the NY4P Report Card on Parks, show that our parks are in need...and now that we have Mayoral candidates, they need to start talking about them.

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TV Debate Quizzes Dems on Parks

Submitted by Fred on September 12, 2005 - 8:45am.
Windows Media 9.0
Watch the candidates talk parks

At the ABC's Primetime debate, Errol Louis of The Daily News asked the question to which 30,000 “New Yorkers for Parks” want an answer.

Louis asked if the candidates would follow the lead of cities like Chicago and work toward dedicating 1% of the city budget to Parks and Recreation, citing that only Borough President C. Virginia Fields has taken the Parks1 Pledge so far.

The other candidates all expressed a desire to cure the inequity present in the City Parks and spoke of parks’ importance in city life.

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