TOUR: Storming Yankee Stadium

Submitted by taya on August 23, 2005 - 4:50pm.

Did you know that Yankee Stadium is Parks Property? 'Tis true! So we were happy to head over to the Yankees game last night for Day 2 of the Bronx leg of our 5-Boro Park Storming Tour.

Storming the Yankees
Yankees Welcome Parks1!

Yankee Stadium was ready for us--pretty exciting to see our name in bright lights on the board in center field!

We had an awesome crew last night of regular Parks1 Field Staff as well as a handful of volunteers-- everybody combined to do a great job of getting the word out.

We recruited some new volunteers on-the-spot too.
These guys were excited to help us pass out stickers and spread the word about the campaign to everybody in their row.

We had 3 sections of the bleacher seats covered in stickers in no time.

Storming the Yankees 2
New recruits at the Yankees game.
Storming the Yankees 5
Storming the Yankees 3
The crowd at the Stadium.

Big thanks to all the Stadium staff who were super accomodating & helpful. They made sure we all got seats together and even helped pass out a few info cards. They tried to help us get the attention of the bullpen too, but the pitchers were too into the game.

Storming the Yankees

I have to admit I don't know too much about baseball (I had to ask Fred why people were chanting "Kill The Blue Jays"....) but I wasn't the only one who had trouble focusing on the game. Check out our awesome fellow bleacher-creature neighbor who not only made sure her whole crew got info cards, but took the time to take her support to a whole new level.

We had a great time last night...and we still have more than 20 events left on our Tour! We'd love it if you and your friends & family would join us. Head over to our Events Page to see when we'll be in your area and sign up!

Storming the Yankees 6
FABulous button use!
Storming the Yankees 7
Parks1 at Yankee Stadium!

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