TOUR: Storming Queens

Submitted by taya on September 1, 2005 - 11:27pm.

It's been a long, long week in Queens. Well, very long train rides at least! In our efforts to truly storm the whole city., we've been going to the furthest stretches of every single borough. Last night was our last night in Queens and we went all the way out to Little Neck Park--but it was definitely worth it!

Storming Queens: Princess Sophia of Fort Totten
Maybe my favorite...

Here's little Sophia--this just might be my favorite Cute Kid Pic of the whole summer. She was hanging out with her mom at the the "Dancing Under The Stars" finale, a great program put together by Janice Melnick.

The program offered free ballroom and swing dance classes followed by open dancing every Wednesday this summer. As a special treat, the finale featured live music by the Lou Piccardi Orchestra. Lou is pictured here with Councilman Tony Avella, who helped fund the entire project.

Storming Queens: Lou Piccardi & Tony Avella
Band Leader Lou Piccardi & Counciman Tony Avella

Doesn't the band look great in green?? They were amazing!

Storming Queens: Lou Piccardi Orchestra
The band was wonderful.....

A great looking pair demonstrates a foxtrot.

Storming Queens: Dancing Under The Stars
She looks great in green!

Despite ominous clouds the dance continued to fill up as the sun set.

Storming Queens: Fort Totten At Sunset
A lovely evening under the Throgs Neck Bridge

This little cutie wasn't participating in the dancing but he seemed to be having a good time with his dog anyway.

Storming Queens: A Boy & His Dog
What a team!

We were all pretty tired on the way home but the staff is always up for a mug shot--from l-r, here's Mari, John, and Matthew. We're pretty lucky these three are going to college in the city and are able to help us finish the campaign.

Storming Queens: Parks1 Field Staff
After a long evening's work....

While we were waiting for the train to start the long ride back to the city, we had a great conversation with this MTA employee who just so happens to be named Parker! He's a big fan & promises to wear our button on his vest every day.

Storming Queens: Love Clean Subways/Love Clean Parks
Parker loves his parks!

I just can't get these guys to stop working....Actually, everywhere we go people (kids) are asking us for a button or sticker. We're happy to oblige but pretty soon everybody else wants in too. Mari & Matthew got busy passing out palm cards & stickers to everybody we met on the way back from the Mets game. Sounds like the Mets had a tough night so their fans were all glad to have something else to talk about on the way home.

Storming Queens: Sharing The Love On The Train
The Field Staff never stops working!

So that's it for Queens! Brooklyn is next on the Parkstorming Tour--hope my fellow Brooklynites can take some time to JOIN US for an hour or two. And we'll have our brand new, limited edition Parks1 whistle-flashlight-compass-keychains starting tomorrow so if you see the team be sure to get one from us!

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Submitted by Justin Krebs on September 9, 2005 - 3:55pm.

...that New Yorkers for Parks may want to reprint this photo...but we'd love the permission of her loving parents or grandparents.

If you are Sophia's family, an you let us know how to reach you? Contact us at 212-838-9410 or [email protected]


- Justin Krebs
Parks1 Campaign Manager

Submitted by Anonymous on September 6, 2005 - 12:08pm.

The Parks1 Staff are the epitome of "good citizens" -- active, caring and educated.

It is great to see them connecting with New Yorkers in all five boroughs...and yes, traveling to Queens can mean long train rides.

Best, Borough Girllll

Submitted by Anonymous on September 2, 2005 - 9:29am.

What a beautiful picture - We've printed it over and over. Why . . . because we are very proud to say that little Sophia is our granddaughter! Joe & Diane