TOUR: Storming West Indian Day

Submitted by taya on September 6, 2005 - 1:13am.
Storming Carnavale: Showing Her Colors
Carnavale reveler

The Parks1 team has been really excited for the West Indian Day Parade (otherwise known as Brooklyn Carnavale). It's the single biggest event in New York--over a mile of dancing, live music, flashy costumes, and amazing homemade food from all over the Caribbean and West Indies.

We worked the crowds for a while but the sheer size of the event was overwhelming. We decided to set up an impromptu Parks1 booth right behind the judge's stage.

Storming Carnavale: Parks1 Team
We saw a few candidates out doing their thing of course... But Norm really took the cake. He got razzed a bit by the announcer but he was a totally good sport about it and busted out a few dance moves for the crowd upon request.
Storming Carnavale: Dancing Norm
Storming Carnavale: Campaigning

No Parks1 event would be complete without some Cute Kid Pics:

Storming Carnavale: Cute Kids 1
Storming Carnavale: Cute Kids 2
I swear he isn't crying--just squinting into the sun!

All told, the day was amazing. We had a great view of the parade from the judging booth and met hundreds of great Brooklynites. Our bags were completely empty when we finally left the grounds. Be sure to JOIN US for other events on the Brooklyn leg of the Park Storming Tour & stay tuned for more updates.

Storming Carnavale: Blue Team
Storming Carnavale: Red Team
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