North Shore Waterfront Conservancy

Submitted by Nick on June 17, 2005 - 4:25pm.
North Shore Waterfront Conservancy

NSWC seeks to connect all communities and residents via our common link: the waterfront, through the establishment of a coherent and unified voice to manage this shared resource and when interfacing with public and private entities.

The specific goals of the conservancy are:

1. Increase the appreciation and sense of ownership of existing public waterfront facilities, including the North Shore Esplanade in St. George/New Brighton, Snug Harbor in Livingston, Faber Park/Pool in Port Richmond and Mariner’s Marsh in Arlington.

2. Generate grassroots support for the design and development of waterfront property for parkland including the extension of the North Shore Esplanade to Snug Harbor, and the North Shore Waterfront Greenbelt in West Brighton, the Greenway ‘Rails to Trails’ to Arlington Marsh, and the creation of waterfront ‘pocket parks’ at street ends such as Bard, Davis, Port Richmond, Van Dam and Nicholas Avenues.

3. Encourage the active preservation of historic homes, buildings, Native American and other sites on both waterfront and upland sides of Richmond Terrace. Reconnect these sites to their original waterfront related past (through site markers and signage.)

4. Promote tourism along the entire waterfront.

5. Encourage and support the active conservation and restoration of natural areas and resources by city, state, and federal agencies.

6. Actively support the growth of existing and new water dependent businesses, such as commuter ferries, water taxies, public boat launches, ship repair and dry docks that generate jobs, helping to fuel local economy.

7. Oppose and discourage inappropriate municipal facilities such as waste transfer stations, bus depots, parking lots and garages adjacent to identified preservation sites. Source and support alternatives.

8. Oppose and discourage those businesses (even those under ‘as of right’ development) that are at odds with proper waterfront reclamation and use. Suggest alternative options.

9. Promote sound planning that is in keeping with current regional and national waterfront reclamation trends.

10. Support the establishment of water enhanced businesses (fishing /boat stores, restaurants and retail shops, etc.) in conjunction with established public facilities such as the National Lighthouse Center and Museum, Snug Harbor Cultural Center and the new North Shore Waterfront Park.

11. Promote and develop water related educational and recreational opportunities for school children at new and existing sites such as fishing and marine studies in their ‘own backyard’ rather than having them travel to other parts of the island.

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