Non dog-owners not allowed???

Posted in Central Park over 4 years ago, 2 replies

I was rudely kicked out of a dog run when I entered the gate. I can not own a dog for complicated health reasons, but I do love dogs and I enjoy visiting the doggie run and watching the dogs there.
I was told that there is a "rule" which forbids non- dog owners to enter. But I can't believe this, and I can't find it anywhere in writing. Does anybody know?
Most dog runs list it in the rules that are posted by the dogs without people, no people without dogs.

I'm sorry that you would like to own a dog and can't, but couldn't you just watch the dogs from outside the fence?

I see no reason for people without dogs to enter the dog run.

The dog run is supposed to be a safe and comfortable environment for dogs. Not all dogs are comfortable interacting with people they don't know and not all people know how to properly interact with a dog.

Plus, it's a little weird...I don't have children (and maybe I can't because of complicated health reasons), but I do love kids - should I be allowed to go hang out in playgrounds and play with other people's children? No way, it's just creepy...
I see what you mean (although, I still haven't seen that rule printed anywhere on the Internet or on the sign outside the doggie run.

But, I must tell you, dogowner, that I am extremely saddened . I am sad to realize that I live among people (maybe it's only here, in NYC), who are suspicious , unkind, hostile, and afraid of other humans.

...(And then they get surprised when their dogs behave that way... ) :(